29 October 2014
7th FIND Symposium
31 October 2013
FIND Symposium
14 November 2012
FIND and Partners Symposium
12 November 2010
FIND and Partners Symposium on recent advances in diagnostics for TB
24 February 2010
A one-day seminar jointly organized by FIND and Ministry of Health Lesotho under the auspices of WHO
04 December 2009
2nd FIND Scientific Forum on recent advances in tuberculosis diagnostics
21 September 2009
Bringing better diagnostics to sleeping sickness patients
23 March 2009
16 October 2008
FIND Scientific Forum
STOP TB Working Group
08 November 2007
Third annual FIND-BD symposium on MGIT culture and drug susceptibility testing
01 October 2007
Partnering to develop diagnostic tests for human African trypanosomiasis
27 June 2007
Growing concern over alarming increase in multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) TB
21 February 2007
The First Global Symposium on Interferon-γ Assays
16 March 2006
Co-organized by FIND and WHO on behalf of the Stop TB Working Group on New Diagnostics
06 February 2006
Meeting on development of new Diagnostics for human African trypanosomiasis
28 October 2004
Symposium: Advances in the development of new diagnostic tests for TB