11 January 2010

Laboratory training on detection and drug susceptibility testing of M. tuberculosis

Tuberculosis Laboratory, Bangkok

National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory and Supranational Reference Laboratory, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening address

Opening by Dr. Yuthichai Kasetjaroen, Director of the Bureau of Tuberculosis,Thailand

Participants and facilitators

Participants and facilitators: Myanmar (Yangon and Mandalay), India (New Delhi, Hyderabad, Agra), Vietnam, Thailand SRL, CDC Atlanta, CDC Thailand, Thailand SRL, Becton-Dickinson, FIND

Lectures in the morning, hands-on during the rest of the day

Training on biosafety - More photos

Liquid handling

Specimen receipt and accessioning

Sputum processing - More photos

Reading, identification and reporting - More photos

Activities: PCR - More photos

Laboratory layout exercise

Spill drill - More photos

MGIT DST - More photos

Pre and post course test