About us

Photo: WHO

The sole aim of the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics is to address the urgent need for better diagnostic tests for poverty-related diseases.

We are devoted to developing and implementing affordable, easy to use and cutting-edge diagnostic technologies for the developing world.

FIND builds and sustains effective partnerships with all those involved in diagnostics - both the public and private sectors. These partnerships and a quality-assured project management framework enable us to accelerate products through a well-defined value chain - from discovery and proof of principle, to development, evaluation, WHO endorsement and implementation of new technologies.

The scope of our activities is rapidly expanding: our disease programmes now include tuberculosis (TB), malaria and human African trypanosomiasis (HAT), also known as sleeping sickness. FIND also undertakes laboratory strengthening and scale up projects to facilitate the rapid uptake of new tools in disease endemic countries.

All of this is aimed at one thing - a people-centered approach that focuses on diagnostics as a platform to shorten the delay between disease and treatment, halt transmission, and minimize the impact of disease on families. With five new diagnostic tools for TB already in use in endemic countries, FIND is well on its way to achieving our vision of a world where everyone will have access to high quality diagnostic tests.

FIND is a not-for-profit foundation, recognized by the Swiss government as an “other international organization”. Our headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland, and we have offices in Kampala, Uganda, and New Delhi, India.