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Latest News

Nigeria embarks on a new diagnostic strategy to accelerate elimination of sleeping sickness

31 July 2014

The Nigerian Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research (NITR), a national agency under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, signed an agreement with FIND last month to collaborate in an intensive passive screening and surveillance strategy aimed at accelerating and sustaining elimination of sleeping sickness in Nigeria.

Chad introduces new diagnostic tools to intensify control of sleeping sickness

28 July 2014

As part of an integrated delivery of primary health care, the national sleeping sickness control programme of the Ministry of Health of Chad signed an agreement with FIND in May of this year to collaborate in a project to introduce a new diagnostic strategy to intensify control of sleeping sickness.

Integrated strategy to control sleeping sickness in South Sudan

10 July 2014

FIND, Malteser International, Jhpiego, and the National Sleeping Sickness Control Programme of the government of South Sudan have joined forces to intensify screening for sleeping sickness in the southern-most regions of the country. It is hoped this project will serve as a springboard for long-term sustainability in other regions of South Sudan.

Opinion piece by Mark Kessel in the Financial Times

12 May 2014

Last week, the Financial Times published a Letter to the Editor by FIND's Chairman of the Board, Mark Kessel. The letter was a response to an FT article published on April 25th, entitled Researchers warn victory against malaria remains a long way off.

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