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Latest News

Update : Longitude Prize 2014 - tackling antibiotic resistance

27 November 2014

Launched in 2013 and supported by Innovate UK, the Longitude 2014 £10 million prize will be awarded to anyone from the amateur or professional scientific community who is prepared to solve the antibiotics challenge. The diagnostics challenge will be to create a cheap, accurate, rapid and easy-to-use point of care test kit for bacterial infections.

Update on Ebola: relevance of diagnostics for urgent and sustained disease control

30 October 2014

The response to Ebola is moving very quickly – almost as fast as the epidemic – and there are daily or weekly developments that are hard to keep track of. FIND has performed a situation analysis for diagnostics looking closely at what is available, and what is needed. A brief documentation of this analysis, which might be useful for test developers or donors, is available on our website.

Collaboration for next-generation innovations to game-changing Xpert MTB/RIF

28 October 2014

Cepheid, FIND, and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School today announced details of a collaboration to develop Xpert® MTB/RIF Ultra, a next-generation test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) with increased sensitivity to aid in detection of patients with smear-negative TB, which is often associated with HIV co-infection. The collaboration is also receiving additional support from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

FIND and QuantuMDx to develop breakthrough technology for tuberculosis detection and drug resistance determination

28 October 2014

FIND and QuantuMDx Group, a British medical device developer, have joined forces to develop a paradigm-changing solution for the combined detection of tuberculosis and drug susceptibility determination for the causative agent of tuberculosis. The simple handheld device developed by QuantuMDx will reduce the time for antimycobacterial resistance profiling from weeklong to less than half an hour.

FIND launches ‘Support for Success’ programme to accelerate delivery of innovative TB diagnostics

28 October 2014

FIND is strengthening the diagnostics landscape through its new ‘Support for Success’ (S4S) initiative, which will spur the development and uptake of promising fit-for-purpose diagnostics in low-resource countries. Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. of India is the first partner in the S4S programme, with FIND providing technical assistance and resources in the development of a next generation molecular platform for tuberculosis diagnosis.

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