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Latest News

The fight against Buruli ulcer starts with diagnosis

20 October 2014

New partnerships between various research groups, diagnostics developers and international organizations are today making it more possible than ever before to address global health problems. Such collaborations establish and strengthen cooperation so that long-neglected diseases such as Buruli ulcer can be diagnosed earlier and more quickly, making treatment easier and cheaper, and control or elimination of these infections a reality.

WHO establishes access coalition for Ebola diagnostics

16 October 2014

WHO is partnering with FIND and a number of other key organizations to ensure access to high quality Ebola diagnostics for West Africa. FIND will act as the secretariat of this coalition, which is committed to fighting the spread of Ebola through new diagnostic interventions. The coalition will provide assistance to groups developing promising diagnostics that show relevance for the current and future epidemics, will fast-track the evaluation of these diagnostic tools against agreed performance targets, and will smooth the path toward early implementation to have a timely and meaningful impact.

FIND is appointed as WHO Collaborating Centre

14 October 2014

FIND has recently been recognised as a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre in Tuberculosis Laboratory Strengthening and TB Diagnostic Technology Evaluation. Collaborating centres are highly valued mechanisms of cooperation in which prominent institutions are designated by WHO to support the implementation and achievement of the Organization’s strategic objectives.

Longitude Prize 2014 - a diagnostics challenge to tackle antibiotic resistance

12 September 2014

Launched in 2013 and supported by Innovate UK, the Longitude 2014 £10 million prize will be awarded to anyone from the amateur or professional scientific community who is prepared to solve the antibiotics challenge. The challenge will be to create a cheap, accurate, rapid and easy-to-use point of care test kit for bacterial infections.

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